Well, That Wasn’t in the Letting Agreement!

How having the right Letting Agent keeps everyone happy…

Whoever said that being a landlord was easy probably hadn’t been a landlord for very long!

Because, regardless of whether you have a huge portfolio or just the one property to let, there’s lots to think about – when all you want is for everything to be straightforward and hassle-free.

Will you end up with the right tenants?

Can you quickly re-let the property at the end of the tenancy or is it going to cost you time and money to get it back up to scratch?

Well, we can help.

Here’s some food for thought on how to be a happy landlord…

  • Appoint a Letting Agent that can also walk the walk!

In such a competitive market, it’s far too easy for agents to talk about the ‘bespoke professional service’ they offer, along with all the promises that go with it. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes very different.

So, get recommendations from others to provide some peace of mind and reassure yourself that, in addition to your rent being paid on time, the right tenants have been found in the first place, quarterly inspections are actually being done (and are more than just lip service) and any maintenance issues are being dealt with promptly and efficiently. Otherwise, you’re just paying someone to give you a headache – not what you had in mind!


  • Check whether the agent is fully independent or part of a larger company.

Many independent agencies end up being acquired by national chains, so remain independent in name only. If that’s the case, you’re likely to become just another name and contact on their already long customer list and won’t receive the level of input and focus you’d initially hoped for. As for being able to build a close working relationship so that your best interests are a priority for them, well…


  • How proactive/responsive are they?

A good Letting Agent is always on the ball. When you contact them, they know exactly who you are and what property you’re talking about. In fact, because they’re usually the ones initiating things, you never need to prompt, remind or chase them. And, they don’t just make you feel that your property’s in safe hands, they consistently prove it.

In addition to wanting to do a good job, they value your custom, and they care. Quarterly inspections are properly scheduled and never rushed. Potential issues are monitored and attended to before they can worsen, and any problems or repairs are quickly sorted out – and then reviewed well before the next official inspection is due.


  • Due diligence and good relations go a long way.

Your property’s probably your biggest asset and, naturally, you want to keep it that way. So, having an agent who understands and respects that – someone who offers a personal touch and goes the extra mile – is invaluable.

A commitment to finding the right tenant for you followed up by a robust screening process and thorough background reference checks are always a good sign. It means that your agent has not only built up a good relationship with you, but with your tenant(s) too. It can also help contribute towards a longer tenancy as well as providing you with a natural go-between/mediator should your dealings with them ever become tested.


  • Price is important, but it isn’t everything.

Even though people pay a lot of attention to pricing, they can still be disappointed: no one wants to pay a lot of money for not very much (e.g. 18% + VAT) and, conversely, very little money for not enough. It’s far better to work out what type of let you need (i.e. Let Only or Managed Let) and then be comfortable knowing that the price you pay guarantees the right level of service within that.


Looking for a Letting Agent who really cares about your property?

We know how stressful things can get when letting your property doesn’t go to plan.

No one likes unwelcome surprises. That’s why we look out for them well in advance so that they don’t happen in the first place.

It’s also just one of the reasons why so many people use us time and again to let their properties for them. They end up happy, their tenants end up happy and, well, we’re always happy to have helped.

If you have a property to let, why not get in touch and find out for yourself?

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Until next time!


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