While you may be focused on finding the right home when buying property, the local community and nearby facilities have a big role to play in helping you settle in. Aspects like transport and education make life a lot easier for many households and the availability, or lack of, can impact on whether an area is right for you. At Patrick Williams, we understand the importance of education and transport in choosing an area to buy property, and we believe that the transport and education options in Tilehurst add value.

According to Zoopla, the average value of property in Tilehurst is £373,473 and in the past 12 months, the average price paid for Tilehurst property comes in at £357,480. Breaking this average property price paid down across the different property types provides the following results:

  • Flats: £225,747
  • Terraced properties: £298,191
  • Semi-detached properties: £348,756
  • Detached properties: £513,684

Transport options make it easy to set up base in Tilehurst

The typical journey times from Tilehurst stand at five minutes to Reading, 35 minutes to Oxford and around an hour to London Paddington station. In the grand scheme of things, even the commute to the capital isn’t too difficult and you can see why some people would be content to live in Tilehurst while working in London. There will be commuter options that are more affordable than Tilehurst but value for money isn’t just down to the lowest cost, quality of life and local surroundings also have an impact. Therefore, the reliable transport options provided in Tilehurst make this a location that appeals to many people, even those who previously had no connection with the local area.

There are also regular bus services connecting Tilehurst to Reading, Newbury, Purley and Pangbourne, while the A329 and the A4 provide major routes for motorists. The connectivity of an area will always have a sizable impact on demand for property, and therefore prices, and this is something that is relevant to Tilehurst. The area may be a quiet village but with the chance to reach major towns and cities with a minimum of fuss and effort, a lot of people find that Tilehurst delivers their ideal home environment.

Education is well covered in Tilehurst

Another aspect that impacts on demand and prices in a local is educational options and Tilehurst has many good options. There is an abundance of primary school options in Tilehurst including Birch Corpse Primary School, Moorlands Primary School, Park Lane Primary School, St Michael’s Primary School, St Paul’s Catholic Primary School and Springfield Primary School.

With respect to comprehensive secondary schools for Tilehurst residents, Little Heath School and Denefield School are the main options. However, depending on where you buy property, Tilehurst is also located within the catchment area for Prospect School and Theale Green Community School. Knowing that there is a variety of well-regarded schools on offer in the local area means that many potential buyers will be confident that Tilehurst is suitable for their needs.