Located just six miles from Reading, the village of Pangbourne is an ideal option for many people looking for the best of both worlds. Being able to enjoy a sedate pace of life in your local village, while knowing that a major town, and one of the major cities of the world, are not too far away is what makes Pangbourne a great option to consider.

A lot has been written about the nature of life in Pagnbourne in comparison with Reading. Many writers and journalists have drawn on the contrast that comes with a trip one stop further along the train line but when it comes to village life on a river, it is hard to get upset or overly excited about any comments people may make. As said, Pangbourne genuinely offers people the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds and if you need to switch off from the hustle and bustle of work, make sure you choose to live in a place where you love.

Pangbourne Railway Station keeps you connected

One huge point about life in Pangbourne comes in the shape of Pangbourne Railway Station, allowing an easy connection to the heart of Reading and of course, London. Like many parts of Reading, the arrival of Crossrail will likely see an increased level of interest and demand in Pangbourne, and this has been a factor in the property market in recent times.

The presence of Pangbourne College is another factor in the local property market. This is a well-regarded school and in a 2014 independent school inspection, it received a rating of “excellent” in six out of nine categories, with a rating of “good” in the remaining three. While Pangbourne College is viewed by many as a boarding school, 60% of its students remaining in school during term-time, this means 40% of the school roll which stands at over 400 is non-boarding students. Therefore, Pangbourne is a sensible option for families looking to provide their male children with this educational option while remaining at home.

Educational options are good in Pangbourne

Other schooling options include Pangbourne Primary School, classed as “Good” by Ofsted officials while Whitchurch Primary School has been classed as “Outstanding” by Ofsted. This provides a good grounding for local children, which is another factor in the popularity of Pangbourne.

According to Zoopla, the average price paid for property in Pangbourne over the past 12 months, is £530,409 while the average value for property in this part of Reading comes in at £656,868. In the RG8 postcode area, where covers Pangbourne, Goring, Streatley and Whitchurch-on-Thames, the average price paid for property in the past 12 months is listed as £654,454. This would suggest that Pangbourne is a more affordable option if you are looking for property in this part of Reading.

For the buy to let market in the RG8 postcode area, a one bedroom property provides you with a rental yield of 6.55% and the return from a two bedroom property comes in at 4.68%. For a three, four and five bedroom property, you can expect a 3.63%, a 3.73% and a 3.53% respectively. There may be personal reasons why the latter three options would appeal to you but most investors would consider the expected rental yields from a one or two bedroom property in the RG8 postcode areas to be attractive.

Whether your focus is on practicality or pleasure, Pangbourne has something for everyone. If you want to learn more about the Pangbourne property market, get in touch with Patrick Williams.