When the Lights Are On But No One’s at Home!

Holiday tips for keeping your home safe…

Ah, at long last!

It’s the time of year when, hopefully, you’re about to enjoy a well-deserved break somewhere.

But what about your home while you’re away?

Have you taken precautions to ensure you don’t return to any unwelcome surprises?

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Here are some PW tips on how to keep your home safe…

  • Don’t over-broadcast that you’re off on your jollies!

Yes, you can’t wait to go and have been looking forward to it for ages. And yes, it’s natural to tell some people.

But post it all over social media (either before you go or whilst you’re there) and you might as well tell the world and their dog that your house is going to be empty – something that your insurer may not view too favourably.

Beware the mistake a famous footballer made when he posted Instagram snaps of his holiday, only to return and find that some very grateful burglars had paid a visit as a result! If the temptation to post your pics is proving too much, you could always try holding off until you get back.

Similarly, if you’re leaving an out of office message while you’re away, keep it vague. Telling whoever emails you that you’re going to be out of the country and incommunicado for 2 weeks is definitely TMI…


  • Make it look like you’re still there.

Now, we’re not suggesting you should go to Kevin McCallister Home Alone lengths, but if you can give the impression that at least someone’s around, you can overcome some of the tell-tale signs that an opportunist would look for.

Leaving bins out for collection the whole time you’re gone and having deliveries sat by your front door are a sure-fire way to flag that no one’s home. So, if you have good neighbours, they might be willing to lend a hand.

Seeing curtains drawn during the day and no lights on at night are another giveaway. Light timer-switches are a great investment – just remember to vary their on-off times so it’s not obvious they’re automated.


  • Invest in a home-monitoring system.

Thanks to smart technology, it’s now easy to equip your home with its own security system and keep tabs on it from afar – from having an audio/video porch intercom to sensors on all your doors and windows. All you need with you is your mobile or tablet.

And, as well as options to suit a range of budgets, in some cases, you can get a discount on your home insurance.


  • Better safe than sorry!

It’s amazing the number of break-ins that occur through nothing actually being broken – simply because a window or door wasn’t closed properly or left unlocked.

It’s always worth double-checking that you’ve turned off all the taps and unplugged/switched off non-essential appliances. As well as safeguarding against leaks, floods and electrical fires (and preventing endless ruminating on whether you did switch everything off!), you may even save on your water and electricity bills!


  • Have a back-up plan, just in case…

Hopefully, while you’re away, no news means good news.

Even so, knowing that a friend or neighbour is happy to keep an eye on things – and has a spare key should something crop up and needs to be dealt with – will give you added peace of mind.


Holiday tips are just a small part of how we can help you…

We hope these tips help you relax a little more on your next getaway.

It’s not the only way we look out for our customers though – just ask anyone who’s entrusted us to sell or let their property.

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